Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chapter 9

"Grab your satchel, quick!" Sadie murmured. "I'm getting you out of here."
"You can't. He'll find you." Jill replied.
"He didn't bother to look for me before. Now hurry up and put your shoes on!"
Sadie rapidly bounced around the room gathering anything she could find and stuffed it into the satchel. Another cry from Pearlie arose. It was much quieter now.
"Sadie, you have to go!" Jill protested.
The sound of the barn door opening caused Sadie to stop. She knew they'd never make it. She dropped the bag and clutched her sister's arms.
"Listen to me. We'll come back at sundown. You pack up anything you need and keep it out of sight until then."
Sadie walked over to Ephraim and held out her hand. Ephraim understood and placed a small pocketknife in her hand. She returned to Jill.
"Keep this close to you. If he tries anything funny, you use this and run into the woods and don't stop until you can't see him or the house."
"Sadie..." Jill whimpered.
"Once you're in the clear, hide until we come and find you. Don't make a sound."
Sadie placed the knife in Jill's shaky little hand.
"Sadie.....I can't.."
"You have to, Jill. I pray to God it won't lead to that, but you have to be ready if it does." 
The barn door closed.
"We have to go." Sadie turned to Ephraim, who nodded in agreement.
"How will you get out?" Jill asked. "He'll see you if you go to the door, and there's no windows."
A cool breeze suddenly tickled Sadie's neck. She looked up and remembered the hole in the roof.
"Ephraim, help me move this small table under the hole. Jill, take Ephraim's place and watch the door."
They scooted the table as quietly as possible. Outside, they could hear the scuffing of feet and the shattering of a liquor bottle.
"Hurry up!" Jill cried.
"You first." Sadie offered.
Ephraim climbed through the hole with ease and held his arms down ready to assist. As Sadie gripped his hands, she turned back to her sister. Jill simply held up her knife.
"Sundown." She said.
On the roof, Sadie and Ephraim realized they had to crawl to the other side of the house in order to make a fast break for the woods. Side by side, they made their way across. Shingles fell left and right, which made them go even slower. The creak of the front door opening and closing caused them to pause. Sadie continued her silent prayers that her sister would be alright. They proceeded smoothly when suddenly, Sadie's knee broke through and created quite a crash. Ephraim immediately grabbed Sadie around her waist and rolled over on his back with Sadie on top.
"What the...." They heard Warren exclaim.
Sadie and Ephraim held their breath. Sadie grasped the collar of Ephraim shirt tight, while his arms wrapped around her did the same. They heard the door open under them. A pair of boots strode in.
"Damn roof." Warren scuffed. He spat and shut the door behind him as his boots became quieter and quieter.
Ephraim breathed a sigh of relief and Sadie's head moved with his chest. She didn't realize how close they actually were until that moment. She glanced up to his face. The scar on his neck had split a tiny bit and a small drop of blood was oozing from it. His bottom lip had a small cut that she had never noticed before. There was a faded yellow bruise just below his hairline. Of all the bruises and cuts on his face, however, his eyes remained bright and clear.

Ephraim loosened his grip around her and slowly looked down. Sadie was quick to look away and crawled off of him without a word. They safely made it to the other side, silently slid down, and disappeared into the forest.

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