Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chapter 3

Sadie awoke to the sun beating down on her face. She didn't know how she ended up outside, but somehow, she wasn't at home. The sky was the brightest blue she had ever seen. The scent of fresh flowers filled the air. In the distance, she saw a small creak, as clear and blue as the sky. Near the bank of the stream, a woman is gathering a bucket of water. Her long, soft hair escapes from behind her ear, but she is quick to slip it back into place. Her eyes were a deep green that matched the grass beneath her. Her lips gave off a rosy tint as they turn into a smile. She rises from the creek and walks toward what must be her cottage. It looks like she has tastefully decorated it to her own satisfaction.

The door burst open and out skipped a young girl, probably 10 years of age. She runs to the woman, snatching her in a hug. The woman stumbles back, spilling her water. She lets out a sigh, but soon laughs along with her child. When they return to the cottage, the woman begins to prepare a delicious meal, no doubt. The pair giggle and smile together. Suddenly, a wee cry from a baby breaks their laughter. The mother is quick to comfort the child. The young girl follows her mother into another room and watches her mother cuddles the baby in her arms.

All of a sudden, the mother's once smiling and glowing face becomes distracted and startled. A slow moving fog creeps its way under the bedroom door. The mother quickly opens the door to see a large blaze consuming her kitchen. She screams for the girl to get the bucket. The child swiftly grabs the bucket and runs out the front door. The mother grabs an old quilt, attempting to beat out the flames, but the fire spreads like lightening. The walls begin to crumble around her. The woman, horrified, makes her way toward the open door, clutching her tiny baby to her heart. The ceiling begins to fall through. In a split second, the woman tosses her baby through the door and is consumed by the flames.

Sadie's eyes burst open. It had been three days since she had that dream. She hated that dream. She hated not being there. She hated not saving her mother. Through her bedroom window, a bright moon shines like a beacon in the ebony sky. How long had she been out? How many whips was it this time? Sadie had never been hit to the point where she blacked out.

She wrestled herself out of bed and walked over to her mirror to observe the damage. Large black and blue bruises lined her entire back and arms. She could also see the distinct spot where she had been kicked. One swipe of the belt also made it along her jawline. Of course, the injuries were tender and sore, but pain was painless to Sadie. She had grown to accept it and did not fear it. Crying had also become incapable. Sadie had tried to cry many times before, but nothing happened. No feeling, no emotion. There was nothing to do but crawl back into bed and wait for morning.

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